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At CREATE, our client-centred approach means that we work intimately with you from the very beginning, from the initial project concept right up to construction completion, producing beautiful spaces and total client satisfaction. Some of our services include:

  • Commercial Construction - Our team has expertise with all types of commercial construction in various markets and in many different scopes. Our experience extends to building within the hospitality and medical sectors as well as the new construction of educational centres and retail stores. We are fully committed to guiding you through the many stages of commercial construction, ensuring that all your aesthetic goals and functional objectives are met.
  • Commercial Renovation - During our many years of dedicated work, CREATE has established a reputation for producing innovative and well-executed interior and exterior renovations for various commercial buildings. Using only the most advanced technologies, we develop a unique renovation strategy for your commercial space which will vastly improve your ambiance, foot traffic and productivity, growing your business to new heights.
  • Commercial General Contractors - CREATE utilizes its industry relationships, which have been built on years of integrity and trust, to ensure that your project receives outstanding workmanship at competitive rates. We have an unrivaled commitment to daily work production from project start to finish, providing high job quality while never compromising the safety of our clients, employees and the general public.

What is the difference between commercial construction and renovation?

At CREATE, design and quality craftsmanship are our priority, whether we’re performing new construction or renovating an existing commercial space. We construct/renovate according to strict timelines and high quality standards, working always with reliability and providing excellent service.

If you’re planning a building project, we can assess your goals, budget and schedule flexibility to help determine whether commercial renovation or new construction is right for you.

  Renovate if... Build new if...
COST You have a more flexible budget. Depending on certain building characteristics such as age and damage, you may be facing several unexpected costs. However, if the work is mostly cosmetic, a renovation can be a great choice. If you are looking to double the size of your existing building or build a large extension, sometimes the best choice is to knock it down and rebuild.
EXISTING CONDITION If your existing building has a strong and solid foundation with only a few structural concerns, then a renovation might be the best choice. If your building has many problems such as poor electric wiring, termite infestation or bad plumbing, it may be in your best interest to rebuild it.
PARTICULAR LIFESTYLE CONCERNS A renovation allows you to continue with business while the project is being completed. If you want to complete your project on a tighter schedule and not have to deal with the day-to-day noises and hassles of a renovation, then building new is a viable option.
SCHEDULED & BUDGET FLEXIBILITY Commercial renovations come with a lot of unexpected costs and the timing of your project will fluctuate. If you have a more flexible budget and scheduled, a commercial renovation may be best suited for you. If you want a more predictable schedule and budget, then it may be best to build new. With this method, the costs and timing are usually more manageable.

When undertaking any kind of commercial building project, whatever the scale, the most effective way of ensuring you receive a quality, affordable and safe outcome is by hiring a general contractor. Besides ensuring the work is done quickly and efficiently, a general contractor: 

  • Can make larger, more complex projects more manageable
  • Will save you money.
  • Collects the majority of the construction responsibility, relieving you of a significant burden.
  • Ensures your project moves quickly from stage to stage.
  • Has experience coordinating the different aspects of a project (including where to get building permits and understands issues of insurance/licensing/bonding).
  • Comes with insurance, thus protecting you from any liability during the construction process.

At CREATE, we treat each individual project and client as a unique partnership, always acting with our clients’ best interests in mind. As a construction management company, we strive to give you the best value possible. To do this, we employ our own labor force, allowing us to maintain full control over the work quality of your project, keeping your costs down and giving you the beautiful, functional space you have always desired.

To learn more about our commercial construction services, book a consultation or discover how we can help ensure the speed, value and flexibility of your next construction project, call our office today at 403.244.9030 or visit We’d love to hear from you!

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