CREATE specializes in Medical Clinic construction and is happy with the progress of the University of Calgary Medical Clinic located near Sunridge in Calgary.

  • May 9th - As of this week we are putting up the primitive walls, and finishing the H VAC.  You can also follow the progress in our UCMC photo album, with photos being added every week!
  • May 28th - As of last week we have the dry wall and framing going up. We have updated pictures of the progress on our Facebook page.
  • June 12th - Interior Finishing has commenced for UCMC and occupancy is set for mid July.
  • June 22nd - Lots of exciting things are happening at UCMC these days! Flooring and ceiling tiles are going in. Everything is on schedule.
  • July 10th- Obtained occupancy on Thursday! UCMC staff moves in this week.
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