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Consider how much of your time every day is spent inside. 80 percent? 90 percent? Perhaps, on certain occasions, even more? Buildings - the places where we live, learn, eat, sleep, work and spend the majority of our time - greatly affects our lives and how we live them.

There is compelling evidence to support this research done by the Heschong Mahone Group, a design consulting firm which found that students who took lessons in classrooms with more natural light scored 25% higher than other students in the same school district.

At CREATE, a Calgary-based construction management company, we believe that a building shouldn’t only provide shelter from the elements. It should be meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of its inhabitants in a manner which promotes creativity, health and happiness.

In this mission, the construction process becomes both an extremely rewarding and a very complex undertaking. From inception right through to execution, it requires:

  • A skilled and dedicated professional workforce
  • The roles and responsibilities of all project participants such as the owner, architect, construction managers and contractors to be clearly defined, organized and managed to deliver a superior result that is on-time and on-budget.

Building a major construction project today without such expertise and organization will result in a less-than-desirable space as well as frustrating delays and costly overruns. As certified and professional construction managers, CREATE can assemble an optimum team for your project needs, coordinate the design and engineering disciplines properly and skillfully execute the pre-construction and planning phase to give you a seamless, stress-free building experience.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management involves the coordination, budgeting, supervising, control and overall planning of a project from its early development up to completion. At CREATE, our construction management services are tailored to the size and intricacy of each individual project and our qualified construction managers are able to:

  • Coordinate and supervise the building process.
  • Oversee specialized contractors and other personnel (including architects, designers, engineers, contractors, vendors and consultants)
  • Scheduled and coordinate all design and construction processes to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget
  • Obtain the necessary permits and licenses

In order to help you fulfill all your project goals and create functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces, our team at CREATE provides a wide range of construction services including: 

Pre-Construction Phase

The pre-construction or design phase is vital to the success of a project. During this phase, our construction managers work closely with our clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their project needs and goals, outline a building strategy accordingly, and assemble a strong construction team of contractors and suppliers. As a result of this early collaboration, CREATE is able to incorporate the required elements into the construction program to build a safe project without affecting the building’s functionality or aesthetic design. Our pre-construction services include:

  • Project budgeting.
  • Construction means, methods and materials analysis.
  • Estimation for cost planning and cost control for material and trade costs.
  • Development of project and construction schedules.

Construction Phase

The purpose of the construction phase is to complete the development of the project based upon the baselined building strategy. CREATE’s reputation for modern design, backed by the reliability of our service, has allowed us to create long-standing relationships with our clients who trust that we employ only the most talented and experienced builders in Calgary who, supported by our specialist teams, work to deliver superior building services. We provide:

  • Construction Project Management - for the monitoring and supervision of the construction scheduled to keep project costs, quality and timing under control.
  • Trade Cost Analysis - we work collaboratively with all project participants to determine and monitor construction-related costs and provide valuable cost and time saving alternatives.
  • Trade Coordination & Tracking - through our well-established, extensive and reliable industry networks, CREATE is able to provide our clients with the necessary skilled manpower your project needs.

Post-Construction Phase

At CREATE, we do everything we can to provide you with a highly functional, desirable space which is why our input doesn’t stop when the building is complete. To ensure that it works fully to provide you with the most suitable environment for your specific needs, we offer a range of post-construction services including:

  • Clean up services
  • Thorough building inspections
  • Equipment testing
  • Making any needed repairs, calibrations or alterations to ensure optimum system operation.

As it becomes more apparent that a skillful and suitably designed structure can improve worker productivity, boost student test scores and even decrease sick time, our certified team at CREATE are committed to creating high-performing, visually stunning commercial spaces through superior, innovative and reliable building solutions.

To learn how we can help you with any upcoming building projects or to book a consultation today, contact our friendly and professional construction management services team at 403.244.9030 or visit

A Reputation for Excellence in Construction

The CREATE. team and network of industry leaders are committed to delivering beautiful and functional spaces. We have earned recognition as one of the most trusted and reliable construction management companies in Calgary and across Canada, providing services for all types of commercial construction projects. Connect with us for your free project consultation by filling out the contact form below, or call us at (403) 244-9030.

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