Hedkandi is considered to be one of the premium salons in Calgary, renowned for its friendly, expert service and unrivaled beauty experience. CREATE had the privilege of working with the Hedkandi team to design this remarkable beauty parlor which offers clients deluxe aesthetic services and we wanted to share some of the stunning pictures with you.

A light-drenched hair salon accented with hues of rich gold, Hedkandi is as luxurious as it looks.

The open concept, bright pops of color and intricate gold shelving infuse this Calgary hair salon with old-fashioned, classic glamour and just the right amount of cheeky modernity to create a relaxing, fun and overall wonderful salon experience for the entire family.

Every detail of this salon was determined with one thought in mind: the comfort and enjoyment of you - the customer. So put your feet up on the padded stool, close your eyes and lean back into the ergonomically designed shampoo basins for the most indulgent hair washing experience.

Ultimate beauty meets optimal functionality with these ideally placed halogen lights and adjustable cushioned salon chair giving you a soft, calming and comfortable environment. So leave your worries at the door and get ready to be pampered.

The passion and care Hedkandi takes in ensuring you receive the ultimate customer experience trickles down to even the smallest detail. From the intricately designed gold division to the minimalist lighting structures, every aspect of the room speaks volumes to the elegance of the salon and the quality of exclusive service you will receive.

So drop in today and enjoy the warm, culturally rich environment and a remarkably designed space, thoughtfully created especially for you.

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