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At CREATE, we offer professional construction management services which are tailored to the size and complexity of any given project. We understand that construction management for any project can be overwhelming and may often feel like a juggling act between architects, engineers, contractors, vendors and consultants.

That’s why our certified construction managers combine their years of experience with a fresh approach and dedication to industry best practices to oversee your project from the earliest design stages right through to client occupancy. By working together with our clients, we are able to set and adhere to strict schedules, keep an eye on your budget and provide hands-on supervisory services during the construction phase to ensure all your distinct requirements are met. Our services include:

  • Concept/Pre-construction consultation
  • Project management
  • Trade cost analysis & tracking
  • Trade coordination & contracting

No matter the size of your project, a strong understanding of the construction process, terms and building codes is necessary in order to begin. Any gaps in knowledge will simply extend to the process, costing you valuable time and money. Our qualified construction managers can help:

  • Provide management expertise when needed.
  • Protect you and your project’s best interests by serving as a qualified representative.
  • Reduce overall project costs (through contract negotiation, reduction of unnecessary costs, value engineering and time saving.)
  • Act as a central point of communication to seamlessly integrate all project aspects.
  • Accelerate the design and construction schedules.
  • Enhance the quality control of your project to reduce the potential of poor workmanship and defects.
  • Protect you from any liability.

At CREATE, our construction managers approach each project with the utmost care, attention and the open communication needed for a successful outcome. It is this unsurpassed level of value and craftsmanship which allows us to continue exceeding the expectations of our clients and makes us one of Calgary’s most renowned construction management companies.

We strive to be many things for our clients - your consultant, your agent and representative but, above all, we are your partner who always has your best interest at heart. To help fulfill all your project goals, we provide a wide range of construction management services including:


CREATE’s dedicated pre-construction team works with owners and designers to evaluate all aspects of your project such as the scope, schedule, design and cost to produce personalized and comprehensive building solutions. Our pre-construction service offers:

  • Project budgeting.
  • Construction means, methods and materials analysis.
  • Estimation for cost planning and cost control for material and trade costs.
  • Development of project and construction schedules.


We employ only the most talented and experienced builders in Calgary and, supported by our specialist teams, they work to deliver unparalleled building service solutions. Our reputation for creative design, backed by on time and on budget delivery has allowed us to create long-standing, trusting relationships with our clients. Our range of construction services include:

  • Construction project management - We provide a service for the continuous monitoring of the construction schedule to keep project costs, quality and timing under control.
  • Trade cost analysis & tracking - We work collaboratively with the designer and client to determine and monitor all construction related costs and provide valuable cost and time saving alternatives.
  • Trade coordination & tracking - We utilize our extensive and reliable industry networks to provide you with the necessary and skilled manpower your project needs.


Our construction management services don’t end when the building process is completed. We continue to serve you post-construction to develop a detailed schedule of close-out activities such as:

  • Clean up services
  • Thorough inspections
  • Equipment testing
  • Making any needed repairs, calibrations or alterations to ensure optimum system operation.

At CREATE, our professional construction management services are specifically tailored to safeguard the successful completion of your project. Our dedicated team has the expertise and skill to bring organization and focus to what is often a complex and confusing process, striving to provide you with the best possible construction solutions from beginning to end.

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